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Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel

Wed, 07/22/2020 - 10:00
Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Superyacht owners, guests and charterers have been presented with an opportunity to escape to the paradisiacal archipelago of Fiji. The country has opened up to private jet travel and created ‘Blue Lanes’ which will allow groups to fly in and meet a yacht, before spending their quarantine period cruising the magnificent surrounding area.

With many owners and charterers looking for a safe location to enjoy their next adventure, there are few destinations as promising as the South Pacific. The region has managed the virus with great comparative success, and now some of the world’s most exquisite cruising grounds are reopening to superyacht traffic.

Over the weekend, Fiji has finalised details of a framework which will facilitate superyacht migration to the country. This comes after three private jets carrying UHNW tourists have already been granted access to Fiji in recent weeks.

First launched in June 2020, the Blue Lanes are a government-driven initiative aimed at stimulating yacht and pleasure craft migration into Fiji while adapting to stringent security measures. Allowing the passage of superyachts into the region will not only delight owners, but provide an economic impetus for the economy of Fiji without any risk. It is the strength of the superyacht industry during this time to boost tourism economies while restrictions for high-volume travel are still in place.

“This is great news for Fiji and our region,” said Cynthia Rasch, CEO of Port Denarau Marina where superyachts will first arrive in Fiji. “Once again Fiji has demonstrated the sort of creative initiative that has made Fiji the Hub for superyachts in our region.”

Superyacht Arrival

The entry of international superyachts is still being granted on a case-by-case basis, though the process is relatively simple. Negative Covid-19 tests are required for both passengers and crew no more than 48 hours before departure, and all conditions of the Blue Lane Initiative must be adhered to.

One advantage is that the quarantine period begins from the last port of call, so any uninterrupted days of sailing will be subtracted from the 14 days. Uninterrupted sailing days are days when no persons have embarked on the yacht or disembarked the yacht, and during quarantine the crew must only have contact with those considered within the superyacht ‘bubble’.

Arrival of Owners and Guests

Similarly, owners and guests must produce a negative Covid-19 test inside 48 hours of departure. Temperature and symptom checks are then carried out upon arrival at the airport, before guests are transferred to Port Denarau Marina to meet their superyacht. A planned itinerary should also be provided before boarding the superyacht, so visiting parties are advised to contact a local Fijian yacht agent    

A Perfect Escape

It is hard to imagine a better way to spend quarantine than onboard a superyacht cruising the crystal-clear waters of Fiji.

For superyachts, Fiji offers the ultimate destination for true island seclusion and luxury. The stunning archipelago encompasses a sprawling chain of over 300 rugged islands covered in a haze of deepest emerald that leads down to sugary white sand beaches and cerulean waters teeming with diverse marine life. Superyacht visitation is made seamless by world-class facilities and excellence service at the world-renowned Port Denarau Marina.

The Blue Lanes have made sure that owners and guests can still enjoy their superyacht to the full during quarantine. The conditions state that: “During the quarantine period, the Superyacht will be allowed to undertake watersports such as surfing, kiteboarding, diving and snorkelling to name a few within approved areas.”

Quarantine will be completed under the supervision of members of the Fijian military or navy, who will follow in a shadow vessel. This will ensure that the agreed itinerary and procedures are followed in the interests of both visitors and the local population. 

Interest from superyachts in visiting Fiji has been very high during the lockdown period, and many will be seriously considered taking advantage of this opportunity. Three superyachts were known to be applying for entry into the country before this latest update was confirmed, with a renowned Top100 yacht due to arrive in August.

There is plenty of reason to stay in the South Pacific region through this year and beyond, with the opening of countries such as Tahiti boosting prospects for travel. The America’s Cup will still be held in New Zealand in March 2021, an event which has always attracted high-profile superyachts. For now, though, superyachts will be thrilled to see opportunities for travel to exotic locations open up again.

Summary of conditions for superyacht quarantine in Fiji:

  • Engage with a Fiji Yacht agent
  • Provide a negative RT-PCR test <48hrs from departure. This has to be a laboratory test on a letterhead.
  • Provide details on where they intend to cruise, itinerary
  • Bear cost of a shadow boat containing military/navy personnel during their quarantine cruising period
  • Adhere to all conditions as per the Blue Lane initiative under the Fijian COVID Safe Economic Recovery Framework. 
Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Opens to Private Jet & Superyacht Travel Fiji Destination

St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors

Thu, 07/16/2020 - 16:30
St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors Nestled in the heart of St. Lucia, intimate beaches and turquoise seas make Marigot Bay Marina & Resort easily one of the most breathtaking spots to berth in the world. Today, the 5-star luxury marina has re-opened its doors to foreign travellers, offering a safe haven for yachts and superyachts as worldwide travel restrictions are eased.

Reclaiming its official status as port of entry into St. Lucia, Customs will be resuming operations at Marigot Bay as of this week. Those looking to dock at Marigot Bay can expect to see ramped up safety and hygiene measures in keeping with guidelines, but otherwise largely a return to ‘business as usual’. 

And what exactly does business as usual look like at Marigot Bay? Picture intimate bayside dining spots, serving fresh deep-sea fish and locally sourced ingredients. Picture observation decks looking out at vast expanses of unspoilt landscape, pristinely maintained suites and spa facilities, infinity pools. This should give visitors an idea of the slice of paradise they can expect upon berthing at Marigot Bay Marina & Resort. To add to this idyllic appeal, the marina offers berthing capacity for up to 42 yachts, 20 mooring locations anchored in the surrounding bay and world-class maintenance and repair facilities.  

As part of the resumption of operations, Marigot Bay will also see a new port health office established as well as a nursing station in the Marina Village according to the requirements laid out by the Ministry of Health. Visiting yachts fall into one of two categories; those within the ‘Travel Bubble’ and those outside of it. Yachts outside of the bubble will be required to undergo 14-day quarantine upon arrival and obtain a negative result from a PCR Test within 7 days in line with careful precautions at Marigot Bay. 

The ‘Travel Bubble’ has been defined to include Aruba, Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Monsterrat, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos.

Troy Blanchard, Marigot Marina Manager, comments, “Providing a safe and clean environment for our boaters and Marina Staff has always been a top priority for Marigot Bay Marina. Now more than ever, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and want you to feel at ease when you berth with us.”

He goes on, “As we look forward to the future of yachting and cruising, we have implemented full-scale enhancements to our already stringent quality controls and health and safety measures.  We have embarked on our newly activated CASE programme (Clean and Sanitize Everything) which provides ongoing, real-time guidance on the safety and well-being of associates and guests in the evolving COVID-19 world and beyond.”

Although the local supermarket and restaurants remain closed for now, the upper swimming pool is open to marina guests, and the marina plans to have ‘In-Boat’ call out food service for boats wishing to make an advance order.


St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors St. Lucian Escapes: Marigot Bay Re-Opens for Visitors

Huge Boost for New Charter Clients in Australia

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 11:00
Huge Boost for New Charter Clients in Australia Superyacht Australia expects to see a huge boost given to domestic charter activity as the country prepares to kick on with its current yachting season. The boost will be generated by Australian charterers unable to reach the Mediterranean this season, and a potential influx of new clients from the luxury cruising market. This represents an opportunity not only for the Australian superyacht industry, but for superyachts seeking a safe and inexhaustible charter location in the aftermath of a turbulent first half of the year.

With a $65 billion spend annually on overseas holidays, Australians represent a mammoth market for travel and tourism. With international travel restrictions still firmly in place, and likely to be so for the foreseeable future, many Australians will be considering an alternative getaway this year. Fortunately for them, Australia itself is one of the world’s most diverse and breath-taking regions. For the superyacht industry, there are now a considerable number of Australian charter clients who usually venture abroad that will now consider charter opportunities in Australia’s vast waterscapes.

Another reason for optimism stems from the ban on cruise ships, with superyacht charter offering a smaller scale and more hygienic luxury alternative to those travellers. Australia has been the leader in the cruise market since 2013, overtaking the US. According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), 5% of Australians went on a cruise in 2018, accounting for 1.35 million guests and a larger percentage than other major cruise markets (USA 3.7% and UK 3%). It is realistic to believe that a great deal of high-end cruise passengers will become suitable superyacht charter clients, as these passengers regularly pay in excess of $50,000 per person for an extended family of 8-12 passengers.

Superyacht Australia estimates that converting just 1% of top end Australian cruise passengers will equate to 13,500 new superyacht guests chartering vessels in Australia. To cater for these new clients, many term charters on superyachts in Australia can offer all-inclusive packages that will be comfortable for those used to the high-end cruise structure. It is hoped that once these customers experience the exclusivity and exceptional level of service onboard a superyacht, they will become regular superyacht charterers.  

Since Covid-19 has shaken the world, many international superyachts have identified Australia and the South Pacific region as a safe haven, with an increase also noted in enquiries for Australia’s world-class refit shipyards. The potential of picking up charter activity will only encourage more superyachts to head to the region, however the focus for Superyacht Australia remains firmly on helping the domestic charter fleet. David Good, CEO of Superyacht Australia, stated that “our objective will be to convert these potential customers into new clients for our member vessels such as M/Y Oneworld, M/Y Silent World, M/Y Spirit and M/Y Dreamtime as well as for our charter brokers. This campaign will be supported by new events such as a charter yacht function in Sydney during October and build on the successful Soiree event that was held in February this year.”

New legislation passed in December 2019 opened up Australia’s glorious cruising grounds to charter for foreign flagged vessels for the very first time. While the Great Barrier Reef region is world-renowned for its kaleidoscopic diving attractions, there are plenty more experiences all around the country from the rugged Kimberley in the north to the southern isolated paradise of Tasmania. Even for well-travelled Australians, it would be nigh on impossible to have seen and experience all the wonders that this country offers, and there is no better way to explore them now than on a superyacht charter.

M/Y Silentworld M/Y Oneworld in Sydney M/Y Spirit aft beach club M/Y Oneworld M/Y Dreamtime M/Y Spirit M/Y Dreamtime interior

BWA Yachting Croatia Launches New Provisioning Unit

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 17:20
BWA Yachting Croatia Launches New Provisioning Unit BWA Yachting is the yacht provisioning agency with an edge. Namely, a global reach and a truly all-inclusive portfolio of services. From booking a berth to sourcing local ingredients, BWA provides a reliable solution to every yachting requirement or whim - making it a firm favourite with captains around the world. Now, BWA Yachting Croatia has announced the launch of its new yacht provisioning department - an announcement which could not come as more timely as the country becomes one of the first in the Mediterranean to re-open for charter.

It is not just an advantage but a requirement for a yacht provisioning agency of BWA’s standing to stay ahead of the curve at all times, predicting and meeting consumer needs in a demanding market. BWA Yachting Croatia’s latest announcement is an example of just that. 

The new unit for yacht provisioning comes in addition to its existing services in operation throughout Croatia - cemented in an array of offices based in Opatja, Rovink, Sibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and Cavtat.

The popularity of Croatia as a charter destination is still on the rise; aided by immense natural beauty, glittering shores and an endless array of picturesque port towns, Croatia will certainly see a fleet of superyacht charters flock to its stunning shores as travel restrictions are lifted. 

As the longest standing yacht service provisioner in Croatia, the move came as a natural strategic next step for BWA Yachting Croatia, as part of a development plan which has been ongoing since November 2019. 

The new service will entail top-quality food and beverages, both locally and internationally sourced and in keeping with BWA Yachting’s scrupulous standards for quality. 

BWA Yachting Croatia will be deploying the latest enforcements of personal protective equipment and other stringent safety measures to ensure the highest levels of security and hygiene amongst its services.

Dorijan Dujmic, head of BWA Yachting Croatia, said: "We are confident that our new yacht provisioning department in Croatia will be able to have an immediate impact, presenting a range of benefits to yacht professionals. Not only will we deliver the quality products which BWA Yachting is renowned for all over the world, but we have the ability to provide thorough assistance to yacht crew during times of high pressure… With this new in-house provisioning unit we have created a special synergy between all the departments (provisioning, spare parts and agency) that is unique in Croatia and BWA Yachting clients will benefit of it."

Mr Dujmic, who boasts a wealth of experience in nautical tourism and a lifelong passion for the trade, will oversee the exciting new venture. 

Image Credits: BWA Yachting Image Credits: BWA Yachting Image Credits: BWA Yachting Image Credits: BWA Yachting

The Latest on Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco

Mon, 06/01/2020 - 18:30
The Latest on Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco The Mediterranean is slowly but surely beginning to open up once again for charter. We hear from Chloe Riley, Charter Fleet Manager at boutique brokerage firm SuperyachtsMonaco, who answers some our burning questions on the matter as new travel regulations come into place.

Q. First of all, as of this week, can you confirm which countries and areas are open for superyacht charter?

A. Croatia is fully open to foreign yachts and charterers and Italy will be open to foreign travellers from 3rd June. France, Spain and Greece are already open to nationals and European travellers from 15th June. 

Q. What can charter guests expect in terms of precautionary procedures if looking to charter in these areas this summer? 

A. Most bars, restaurants and attractions are likely to be open, however social distancing measures and sanitary precautions will still be enforced. We may see a change in the vibe at beach clubs and restaurants, which is a bonus for some clients who like a more private atmosphere and an interesting new challenge for proprietors who usually attract the party crowd. 

For yachts however, it could mean guests will spend more time on board and look for additional services and entertainment on board, such as private concerts, famous chef guest appearances or a greater focus on sports and cruising new areas of coastline.

Q. What extra measures would you recommend to people looking to charter a superyacht this summer?

A. Keep up to date on travel advice, ask about the latest cancellation policies and above all be ready to enjoy more time on board the yacht. Make the most of the service and activities the yacht offers, enjoy the scenery and be prepared for limitations on shore and endless fun on board.

Q.  Finally, what are your predictions for how things might open up in the months to come?

A. Most governments are working on a step-by-step basis, opening up slowly and trailing things over a few weeks and then moving forward. If the current success in following this plan continues we would expect a shifted season with the majority of charters taking place in August, September and even October and we are optimistic that the Christmas holidays will be more popular than ever.

SuperyachtsMonaco boasts an admirable charter fleet available for summer cruising in the Mediterranean as it begins to open up, including the likes of 51m Heesen masterpiece Irisha, or the head-turning golden girl 49m Khalilah

Discover Croatia Discover Croatia Khalilah For Charter With SuperyachtsMonaco Khalilah For Charter With SuperyachtsMonaco Khalilah For Charter With SuperyachtsMonaco Khalilah For Charter With SuperyachtsMonaco Khalilah For Charter With SuperyachtsMonaco Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco

A Year of Growth With Hill Robinson Group

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 18:15
A Year of Growth With Hill Robinson Group The coronavirus crisis has caused destabilisation in almost every area of our lives, but perhaps nowhere has this been more profound than that of travel. This week, it is heartening to hear news of strength amongst some of the world leading yacht management & brokerage firms, as testament to the unerring durability of the yachting industry in a time of crisis. We shine a spotlight onto global yacht management firm Hill Robinson, as the company builds its senior management team and its HRCrew division reports the first quarter of 2020 to be its busiest yet.

To say Hill Robinson possesses a global reach would be something of an understatement. With a worldwide presence spanning from Florida through to Monaco and even Australia,  Hill Robinson’s admirable portfolio of services and impressive superyacht fleet make this firm a truly all-inclusive solution to every charter requirement imaginable.

Hill Robinson has firmly established itself as a reliable and prestigious charter management group, boasting an expansive fleet which includes the likes of 85.3m Bold, a show-stopper at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, and Abeking & Rasmussen 78.5m Amaryllis. Now Hill Robinson Group has successfully turned its hand to both the charter and brokerage spheres, acquiring Monegasque brand Moravia Yachting in 2016 to provide a seamless operation across the board. 

In line with ongoing expansion, Hill Robinson has naturally announced it is strengthening its management team by welcoming Tim Leese on board to the position of COO, while Kurt Fraser joins the group as Sales and Marketing Director.

Tim Leese brings with him a wealth of experience, spending years working for automotive companies Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce Motors before moving over to the yachting industry. After establishing his success in yacht dealership in the Middle East and South East Asia, Tim Leese comments, ''Joining Hill Robinson as the COO is a great opportunity to use my combined experience in the luxury automobile industry… Hill Robinson is an exciting multifaceted business challenge for me going forward with fresh opportunities in all the vertical client sectors they have been so successful in as they grow.”

Joining Tim Leese as new recruit and heading up the Sales and Marketing for Hill Robinson Group will be Kurt Fraser. A familiar name to many in yachting, Kurt has spent the last five years as Marketing and Commercial director with leading yacht charter and sales brokerage businesses, bringing with him years of expertise to direct the strategic positioning of Moravia Yachting as an emerging boutique brokerage.

Kurt comments, "With the solid foundations built by the Partners and Directors of Hill Robinson, across practically all key areas in the superyacht client support arena, Hill Robinson and Moravia Yachting offer an exciting launch pad to reach out to our clients in new and refreshing ways. We want to focus on the way we make a difference when supporting our clients, especially in these changing and challenging times.”

Meanwhile, Hill Robinson Group has reported ongoing success across its breadth of services, as the HRCrew division saw its busiest ever quarter in the beginning of this year. Fully operational and continuing to place staff in positions ranging from 25m to 130m yachts - as well as some land-based  - HRCrew plays an important role in engaging young people across the world and helping the industry grow more accessible. 

From top level management to Captains and crew, Hill Robinson Group has defied the challenges of the current climate with perseverance and skill. As Nick Hill, founding partner, comments, ''Even with the new challenges of the 'new-normal' world with the Covid-19 epidemic we are firmly following our strategy of recruiting the best people to drive our business objectives forward.”

M/Y Amaryllis M/Y Amaryllis M/Y Bold M/Y Bold M/Y Bold Kurt Fraser, Sales and Marketing Director at Hill Robinson Tim Leese, COO of Hill Robinson

ACREW Awards: Standout Charter Nominees

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 11:00
ACREW Awards: Standout Charter Nominees With charter beginning to return in some areas of the world, we take a look at the best charter superyachts nominated in the ACREW Crew Awards to help inspire your next adventure.

Reflecting both personal achievement and professional excellence, the Crew Awards are a great time to recognise the people who are the lifeblood of this industry. We take this chance to look at a few of the outstanding charter yachts up for awards this year…

Arience – 60m Abeking & Rasmussen

This Reymond Langton-designed superyacht has a longstanding reputation for delivering second-to-none service. Captain Dean Pilatti leads an enthusiastic and experienced team which includes talented Chef Dean Harrison. Pilatti and Harrison have been nominated for the Captain and Chef Awards respectively.

With elevator access to all five decks, Arience boasts a voluminous interior that matches more to a yacht in the 70-75m category. Seven exquisite staterooms accommodate up to 12 guests, comprising of a master suite, VIP suite, three doubles and two twin rooms. Each stateroom has a full entertainment centre, television and en-suite bathroom for a homely feel. Arience boasts a heavy arsenal of water toys and equipment, with an eager watersports deck crew to help you on your way.

Whether taking in panoramic views from the waterside gym, enjoying al fresco dining on the bridgedeck or watching a movie in the lower deck cinema, Arience caters to all moods.

It is easy to see why there have been many repeat parties onboard Arience and she is a worthy award winner.

Spirit – 35m New Zealand Yachts

Based in Australia’s breath-taking Great Barrier Reef region, Spirit has become renowned for offering a unique South Pacific escape. Captain and Chef team Martin and Jo Debanks have channelled their extensive yachting expertise and local knowledge into creating a world-class charter experience.

The catamaran superyacht is ideal for group getaways with copious exterior spaces afforded by her wide beam, bringing guests closer to the outdoor adventures. Martin and Jo can tailor their charters to the interest of guests, from high-octane thrills and diving lessons to enriching cultural experiences, all with the same attention paid to providing high end service.

Chef Jo, who trained at Cordon Bleu, brings a passion for healthy and locally produced food, while being able to adapt to all client preferences to ensure the food is as much a treat as the surrounding. Both Martin and Jo are up for individual awards and Sprit has proven to be an exemplary charter yacht for unforgettable South Pacific adventures.

Lady Amanda – 30m Couach Yachts

Available to book through West Nautical, Lady Amanda promises energy in abundance. Her young and vibrant crew have been with the yacht since the 2018 season, and they will be eager to take you through the seemingly infinite array of watersports toys stored onboard.

Those looking for a dose of adrenaline on their escapades will love going through everything that Lady Amanda has to offer. A choice of wakeboards, flyboards, seabobs, jetskis and much more awaits for guests who charter with Lady Amanda. Perfect for group fun, she also has a great selection of inflatable extensions that can be added to the yacht to enhance the outdoor spirit, including a slide, blastbag and even a golf mat.

A refit in 2018 has upgraded Lady Amanda to the high standards of modern luxury, and there is plenty of onboard entertainment for guests to enjoy. There are ample lounging spaces around the exterior, with sun pads located on the foredeck and a Jacuzzi on the flybridge. A perfect charter yachts for groups of friends of family, Lady Amanda is currently located in France, where charter has recently opened back up again.


Voting for the third annual Crew Awards was opened on 18th May, and nomination will reflect the very best of both private and charter superyachts on the water. ACREW will host the ceremony on 10th October at the World Trade Centre in Barcelona, with MaritimeMT as new name sponsors. You can watch ACREW’s Abi McGrath speak to at MYS19 about a new and improved model here.

Spirit Luxury Charters Spirit Luxury Charters Spirit Luxury Charters Spirit Crew Jumping Off lady amanda lady amanda lady amanda ACREW Awards: Standout Charter Nominees Arience (ex Excellence V) Arience Arience West Nautical

Bilgin Flagship 80m Tatiana on Charter Market

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 14:20
Bilgin Flagship 80m Tatiana on Charter Market The launch of 80m flagship Tatiana in February this year indisputably propelled Bilgin Yachts into a new dimension on the global superyachting stage. The first hull of the Bilgin 263 series, which made headlines as the largest superyacht to ever be built in Turkey, is now available for charter with brokerage firm IYC.

The welcome addition to IYC’s charter fleet is available for a Mediterranean charter this summer; an experience which promises to be quite unlike any other. 

The standout superyacht is remarkably unimposing for her size, owing to a streamlined and exceptionally sleek profile crafted by Bilgin favourite Unique Yacht Design. Her interiors have been carefully crafted by British design studio H2 Yacht Design, led by Jonny Horsfield.

Working for an experienced yacht owner with a clear design concept for Tatiana, Horsfield commented, ‘We tried to bring a crisp and contemporary feel by using a rich palette of colours. Also, the exterior decks have a rich warm theme that completes this design approach.’

The crew experience can make or break a good charter. With room for 20 doting crew onboard this luxury vessel, every guests’ want and need will be dutifully tended to, leaving charterers free to enjoy at their leisure the fantastic amenities Tatiana has to offer. 

Whether it is an immersive experience in Tatiana’s plush cinema room, a cocktail in her pool bar or working up a sweat in her fully-equipped gym, IYC is offering charter groups a chance to truly escape any daily stresses this summer. And for those with a penchant for life’s more high-octane thrills, Tatiana comes fully equipped with an array of exciting water toys for guests to make the utmost of their stay on the water.

Completed by a choice of spacious and stylish dining and socialising spaces, Tatiana was truly built with the most sumptuous of charter experiences in mind - and is an opportunity not to be missed in the Med this summer. 

Bilgin Flagship 80m Tatiana on Charter Market Bilgin Flagship 80m Tatiana on Charter Market Bilgin Flagship 80m Tatiana on Charter Market Bilgin Flagship 80m Tatiana on Charter Market