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This blog is used to report on activities that are happening at and around Booker Gliding Club.Bob S
Updated: 5 hours 21 min ago

Return to flying

Tue, 04/06/2021 - 11:22

 As from 29th March we have been able to fly again, although only solo - two seater flying returns on 12th April. We were unable to go on our usual Spring expedition to Lleweni Parc because of the latest lockdown, but we are currently enjoying a mini expedition to Chiltern Park, near Wallingford, as guests of Dennis Pearson of Chiltern Airsports. This is because we are being prevented from flying at Wycombe Air Park because of a commercial dispute between the airfield manager (CEO of Heliair) and the airfield owner (Bucks County Council), where we are caught in the crossfire.

While we attempt to get the situation resolved, we are making the most of our time at Chiltern Park - getting current again and exploring the local area, as can be seen from the pics below.

Symeon getting in touch with the grassroots
Jim and John ready to go
K21 316 on approach
Nick and Inge's mobile teabar - a welcome sight on a cold day
Howard making the most of the day - landing at 1814